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Keep an eye out for our new charter - travelling to the Port Stephens area

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Kangaroo Experience

Dive into a true wildlife experience amoungst the Kangaroos on the Central Coast, NSW

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Keep an eye out for our new charter - exploring the Australian Reptile Park

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Good day world,

Yes I'm Rodneyroo, an Aussie that respects Kangaroos and all Australian wildlife.

Some say my mother was attacked by a large wild Kangaroo when she was pregnant with me.
Others say I was an orphan lost in the outback and raised by Kangaroos.

The truth is yes I'm Rodneyroo, an Aussie that respects all humans and animals, and I have been around Kangaroos for 14 years dating back to 2004 when I moved up from Sydney with my family for a new beginning.

I started Rodneyroos Charter Experience to help people around the world understand and respect in a safe manner, the wild animal, a marsupial called the Kangaroo.

I'm offering many day Charters, opening new experiences to the world. You will have a fully personalised and informed journey that we will make together, recording memories along the way.

Hope to be in your company soon,
Respectfully Rodneyroo.


If you have any questions regarding our charters, or you are looking for more information, please shoot us a message! We would love to hear from you :)

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